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this is hilarious, yet sort of innovative May. 6th, 2005 @ 07:37 pm

Read this for a little ad entertainment. The idea of this PR stunt was interesting, it was just so random. I feel like it's been done before. But most of the time, its been with a fan-club and usually the other way around gender-wise. The age? Weird. According to Adage.com, "Teens under 18 must get a parent or other adult to do the bidding on their behalf, per eBay rules." Weird. Just weird. For her, this PR stunt just speaks to her personality and past - just weird and so random. The fact that the whole auction for a date with her raises money for Prostate Cancer Research? Also random. However, I did find it - like I said, entertaining. They're trying to compete with Axe body spray and apparently they smell exactly the same. So what's better than to differentiate with a date with Carmen Electra, right? I'm not so sure.
Is it me, or does she look like Nicole Ritchie in this picture?

Apr. 28th, 2005 @ 09:41 pm
Sam, this goes to you. I thought what you said to the AAF group about regular wave radio was dead-on. I think that marketers are finally coming to terms with the strength of podcasting. I think it's the new way to market. As a consumer, however, I know I'll hate it once all marketers catch on.
I like the freedom that new radio has now, I hope it doesn't become regulated like regular radio too soon. New radio show hosts (sattelite) have so much more freedom of speech than any other medium thus far.
I like how well this article goes right with what we've learned about early adapters and their affect on the people that surround them.
Enjoy the article...

Clear Channel, Infinity Broadcasting Move Into New Medium
April 27, 2005
By Abbey Klassen
NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Podcasting is less than a year old but radio groups, radio networks and advertisers have begun to embrace the concept through a series of new and varying strategies ranging from subscription to ad-supported.
PlayPod is one of the inexpensive software packages that enables an iPod to browse through and download a growing array of audio content.

Downloads to iPod
Podcasting allows listeners turn audio content into MP3 files, which are easily downloadable on iPods or other MP3 players.

Public radio was the first terrestrial radio group to enter the podcasting arena, offering for download a handful of its popular shows. Infinity Broadcasting today announced plans to get into the game, and Clear Channel Radio has promised it will soon begin podcasting popular on-air sketches and personalities. Additionally, Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel, has already begun podcasting several of its popular syndicated personalities, including Glenn Beck and Phil Hendrie. Other Premiere personalities, such as Rush Limbaugh, will be podcasted soon.

Marketers such as General Motors Corp. and Heineken are producing podcasts while Ford Motor Co.'s Volvo and Time Warner are sponsoring podcasts.

Subscription model
Premiere’s podcasting model is subscription-based, with listeners paying monthly fees to download shows and listen at their leisure. Because podcasting was originally based on free software, Premiere had to create a proprietary RSS-style software that automatically delivers podcasts to a subscriber’s computer or portable MP3 player.

“All of us who have some role to play in technology are listening to our users,” said Brian Glicklich, Premiere Radio Networks’s vice president and president for interactive services. “They’re telling us what they want and we’re finding ways to bring it to them in ways that make sense.”

Listener-submitted podcasts
Infinity’s podcasting plan enters into the equation from the back end: Instead of offering existing programming available as podcasts, Infinity will use San Francisco station KYCY-AM as a hub. Listeners can submit their own podcasts through the station's Web site. The station will air and stream selected podcasts -- essentially giving amateur radio DJs and programmers air time. The podcasts can still be downloaded onto iPods and MP3 players.

Infinity’s strategy is also a handy way to avoid the rights issues associated with podcasting content that isn’t proprietary -- which is why the relatively low number of music-based podcasts feature independent and unsigned artists.

Podcasting has also caught the eye of one of the largest media-buying agencies.

Early adopters
Zenith Media’s radio group and strategic resources group recently authored a white paper on the subject, which stresses that marketers need to keep up with consumers who stray from traditional media, the so-called early adopters who influence others. “Advertisers who embrace the new technology and communicate to consumers in meaningful ways through podcasts may be viewed as innovators, forward thinking, cutting edge and the envy of the neighborhood,” the paper states.

But, the paper asks, is podcasting more than a flash-in-the pan advertising opportunity?

Either way, marketers don’t have much to lose by trying. “At the anticipated low cost of entry,” the paper says, “podcasting provides advertisers an opportunity to enhance radio’s existing 'one-on-one' relationship with its target audience. ... We believe the upside potential could be significant, while the downside is pocket change.”

Army drops bids for advertising campaign for the time being Apr. 27th, 2005 @ 03:09 pm
So for those of you who saw the Bona grad from Leo Burnett come in last year at SBU and give a presentation on his creative and PR work for the 'Army of One' campaign, I guess the army since then has been hesitant on making a decision on whether to continue with the firm. The government had originally intended to announce a review winner last December, but decided to delay the award for six months.

According to AdAge.com, executives familiar with the matter said the Army today told agenices that "at this time, Government anticipates re-soliciting for the 'U.S. Army Recruiting and Advertising' program," in a memo distributed to the contenders.

Again according to AdAge, the Army said it ended the review because of "inconsistencies in the evaluation approach," but offered no other details except to say that a new solicitation would be out shortly. The agencies involved in the canceled review included the incumbent, Leo Burnett USA, part of Publicis Groupe; Interpublic Group of Cos.' McCann Erickson Worldwide; WPP Group's Y&R, Ogilvy & Mather and Grey Worldwide; and Omnicom Group's BBDO Worldwide. The contract will run for one year with the possibility of being extended for four more years.

So despite the success of the campaign according to Leo Burnett, the Army is hesitant to make a decision. I guess time will tell. I can't help but thinking that maybe there's more than meet the eye. Maybe there's a draft coming and another war ... I hope not.
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The salary conversation on the second interview Apr. 25th, 2005 @ 09:55 pm
Hi Everybody ~

Mondays are great aren't they?

So, after the interview on Friday with Crosman Corp, the man I interviewed with called me today after reviewing my portfolio and asked if I'd be interested in coming back in tomorrow for an 'informal meeting with the VP about the position if I'm still interested.'

Anyone have any advice on how to have the salary conversation on a second interview? The guy I originally interviewed is great, so laid-back and easy to have a conversation with. The VP? Who knows what he's like. He's flying in tomorrow, he wasn't there during my 1st interview.

I don't know, however, say IF this company decides to hire me, HOW to have the salary conversation. I have been told multiple times that companies (which makes sense) will try to offer the low-end of their possible 'range,' first. I just want to make sure I sound professional, without coming across like the newly graduated young woman I am! I think I will politely play up graduate school and prior internships.
Any advice would surely be appreciated, thanks!

Agh. The meeting's tomorrow at 3 after I get out of work.

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